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Kima's Story

Kima is #2 of our female WolfDog crew that came in from San Diego Wildlife. She was abandoned with signs of neglect and abuse. 

Kima is just a puppy and is still very shy and timid. Every day progress is being made but it is very slow with her as she is very unsure of humans after whatever happened before we got her. She's currently working on human contact and is slowly working on being able to be socialized.

Kima and Keona are officially done with quarantine hold at Boss Sanctuary and able to move out to their starter enclosure while we raise funds to build the girls main enclosure! We are going to need a lot of help to get these girls into their new enclosure so consider donating today if you can.

Where do your donations go?

Your donations go directly towards providing for Kima:

  • Food, Water and other basic necessities.
  • Enclosure costs including expansion costs
  • Medical Bills for routine checkups
  • Enrichment items (A.K.A Toys!)